Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Off The Edge

Life Off The Edge

Sitting on my bed with the head down

Life's so poignant, forever I've frowned

Blade in the right, a fisted left

Mind's just curious to witness death

Blood feels heavy, veins feel hard

It was me who called for a no holds barred

The heart is pounding, the mind just choked

In dread of pain, my eyes stiff closed

The time has come for the blade to meet

the hand, as now I clinch my feet

and feel a prick with the slice of the edge

on the skin, the tissues, the veins then bled

A thousand horses racing in my head

as the fear strikes seeing the blood shed

"How can I do this, how can it be?

I won’t run from this life so cowardly"

As I stand and rise, move to the door

Fall face down, smack on the floor

Limbs don’t move, the gasp now halts

Was it the world, were it all my faults?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Social Killer

Social Killer
Life’s so poignant, so pretentious
I’ve lost everything for me that was precious
I’ve been stung still bearing the sourness
I hate what god has put upon us
Now I just cannot lie low
Will surge with time as the time just flows

I’ll go out and have some fun
So I pick my knife and I pick my gun
Tonight I go and find my prey
A striving soul with life dark grey
And to free them from suffering and strife
I slice them with my sharp edged knife

They may scream, they may fear
But I calm them down, say “My dear”
“I’ve seen the struggle and the pain
You be so good but all ends in stain
Life’s no spring, but season of blood rain
Its worthless, nothing you can gain”

“I’m here to help you out
So don’t scream, dear don’t shout
Look at the sky and the angel up there
Coming down, just little more to bear
Soon you’ll be happy, soon you’ll be free
I’m god’s will to end all your misery”

And in my arms as they die
I kiss their forehead, bid them goodbye
And on the ground as the cadaver lay
I hold their hand, for them pray
“No more will you be forsaken
You’ll be an angel in god’s own heaven”

I pick up my knife, go back home
Still lonely still all alone
I’m no angel with the shining light
I’m just a source to answer their plight
So I sleep and rest, ‘cause life’s not fair
Tomorrow I find more and take their care.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Petal fall

Petal fall

It was to be an ordinary night

Dinner at nine and a glass of wine

A walk under the silver moon light

Chuckles and smiles as we passed our time

But you looked so beautiful when you talked

Always that is, ‘cause you never stopped

And they played the music ever so loud

As you sat so close to hear me shout

What I spoke, even I could not hear

And just like you, even I didn’t care

I came little closer, felt you breathe

Emotions filled, then just dint leave

Dancing were the beats of my heart

I knew it was some kinda start

I closed my eyes as the passions flowed

Memories we made as the good times rolled

Your skin so soft, your touch so warm

Mind just witnessed a fervent storm

As I felt your lips right against mine

Was it in the spur, or was it a sign

Of the feelings held back, for so long

Was it wrong, or did we belong?

Times so beautiful, as I recall

Seeing it as a flower whose petals fall

But they leave behind a fragrance, I know

Which does not die, it can just grow

It stays there, forever, right through

Fragrance so sweet, fragrance so true

And even if we bid adieu

It’ll stay with me, the fragrance is you!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I am for you

I am for you
When do we know the light seems new
When do we know we love the view
When do we know what yearn our hearts
When do we know that our mind departs
When do we know we've made it through
When do we know the time just flew
When do we know the feelings have grown
When do we know where heart has flown
When do we know we have a special someone
When do we know our souls have become one
When do we know to believe imagination
When do we know we seek explanation
When life passes in blink of an eye
When do we know it’s the last goodbye
When do we know we start to rhyme
When do we know best healer is time
When do we know when love takes over
When do we know it is now all over
When do we know that it’s all so true
When will you know I was all for you



Bound are the hands
Chained are the minds
Eyes forced closed
And it’s dark inside
The legs don’t move
The lips are zipped
Wings of the soul
So brutally clipped
The senses falter
Nothing you can hear
All you touch is cold
It’s impossible to bear
You cannot now hold
The sands of time
Slipping through the fingers
In this abysmal rhyme
You look around
For a ray of light
An angel soul
To answer your plight
You find no one
To hear you pry
Hard as you can
Now you try
As the dark abyss
Pulls you down
You splash in water
But still don’t drown
You gasp for air
As senses come alive
You choke, not die
Continue to thrive
Your eyes open
As you scream
Only to find
It was nothing ….. But a dream


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