Sunday, November 20, 2011


 The lips with a beautiful smile
Haven’t chortled, for quite a while
Eyes which had the brightest spark
Faded too soon into the dark

Her concerned words of care
Do now need their fair share
Her blithe merry ballet of joy
Exposed to life’s puzzles and ploy

The zeal of her adolescent heart
Splintered into bits and parts
Fervor of the juvenile soul
Witness to futile control

Her voice that echoed its distant dreams
In agony and anguish it just screams
The mind apostle to buoyant thoughts
Heedless vagrant, is distraught

In awe of her present and her past
Life and love as I passed, I asked
Was I delirious then, or am I now
Restore her past can I, somehow

Friday, November 11, 2011

My dream: The blue door

I saw a dream last night, and wondered all through the day – what does my dream truly mean? Finally, I decided to write my dream as a poem. In fact, dreams are just like poems, full of oxymora, metaphors and alliterations.

Hope you like it.

The blue door
3am in the morning
Finally I go to sleep
So many thoughts revolve in my head
So many, that it’s hard to keep

I finally cross a river
Before the gush could rise
I do it holding your hand
Even with my closed eyes
I reach the safe place
Behind the blue door
The flood starts to rise
As the skies start to pour

It’s gusty, submerged
the world now seems
A safe place this door
How longer would it be?
As you and me resist the surge
Try to keep the blue door closed
We manage to bolt the urge
But such strong brook, would it hold?

Scores of time passes
I’m still clutching the door
The storm has now passed
But did I let you go
I look around, you, I couldn’t see
Slipped through my fingers? How could it be?
I run the streets, still soaking the rain
And in my heart, I feel this throbbing pain

The picture brightens, I see the sun
What fell apart has been undone
The sky’s now clear, so are our paths
Why not, I wonder, such from the start
And I see you smiling, walking towards me
I feel your touch, your scent in the breeze
The love in the eyes as I see
I kiss your lips; put my heart at ease

My eyes open, I wonder what I had seen
In my thoughts I realize, you had been
And more than ever, I miss our past times, realize
My dream has no meaning, just this rhyme


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