Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paper Plane

My time has stopped, waiting for you
My life is lost, searching for you
My rhyme is broken, like our hearts
My strife is ending, waiting for a fresh start

My love is a paper plane
Riding a breeze of happiness that's you
Torn and crumpled the plane maybe
The heart still flies, for the love that's you

Flying high through the skies
My sight is dark, with a silver line
The wind stands still, and time goes by
Wrecked are the wings, on hope it glides

My love is a paper plane
Riding a breeze of happiness that's you
Torn and crumpled the plane maybe
The heart still flies, for the love that's you

As age goes by, wrinkles my plane
An ordained hope, surfaces your sight
A place to land, to be at ease
A fitting end, to a wishful ride

My love is a paper plane
Rode a breeze of happiness that's you
Torn and crumpled the plane was yes
The heart still flew, for the love that's you

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A burning candle of stone

The candle flickers, at the table for two
No one on the earth tonight, except for me, except for you
Your touch so warm, bestowed atone
My heart just melt, a burning candle of stone

It yearned, and longed, waited for you
Now it beats and sings, songs of happiness due
Your seraph smile, my cherub soul
The incomplete, is now whole

Time together doesn't ever seem enough
My hand over yours, a gentle brush
A dream I see, with open eyes
Coalesce into one, two wandering lives

Not dusk to dawn, but life as we know
Rainbows to rain, autumn to snow
Qualms doubts fears, we dispel
Together we make, a story to tell

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A change of hearts

You and me
Under the big old tree
Gazed up the starry sky
Our spirits young and free

We saw the distant dreams
In each other’s eyes
Lying in each other’s arms
Throughout that night

“Ours will be a story to tell” you whispered
“Yes it will”
First few moments together
Yet, “for forever it seems”

You stole my heart
You held my time
Unlocked your heart
Yes, you became mine

Like a matchstick does
Our passion did burn
From a flash to fire
To ash forlorn

It was autumn I remember
When we went apart
Wasn’t our first
Change of hearts

We buried our love
Under the big old tree
For our love, our passion
Were young, were free

Obscured our dreams
When the misery came our way
But for all you know, a distant thought
Is just a heart-change away

Monday, January 9, 2012

Buoyant love

Buoyant love
A shining light, glittering hope
Benevolent touch
Healing my turbulent soul

Bridge kaput, two steps to love
I take one
In the torrent rest falls

A foggy night, a distant ship
Lonely at the shore
In the waves a face I see

A burning rage, an amorous heart
Bitter pills
An abysmal fall

A perched bird, wings burned
 Fervent yearn
Oblivious beloved

A dark night, mourning dove
Forlorn thought
My buoyant love

Two steps to love

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sugar and Spice (The way she is)

Rosebud laugh and a childlike heart
Oh yes, and visibly smart
Lips that sync with her flickering eyes
She’s the sugar and she’s the spice
She charms you with her grace
And wins you over with her wit
Test your patience, she does
But hopes you never quit

Only sings when you look away
Loves when in your arms she sways
Mystery like the big blue sea
She showed me the crazy me
She’ll cast her spell
And you wouldn’t even know
Test your patience, she does
Makes you fall so slow

So, I tell her..

Unlock your door
And let me step inside
Skip your weary mind
Just let the heart decide
She breaks hearts with her silence
And mends them with her smile
Test your patience, she does
But makes it all worthwhile

Unlock your heart


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