Monday, January 9, 2012

Buoyant love

Buoyant love
A shining light, glittering hope
Benevolent touch
Healing my turbulent soul

Bridge kaput, two steps to love
I take one
In the torrent rest falls

A foggy night, a distant ship
Lonely at the shore
In the waves a face I see

A burning rage, an amorous heart
Bitter pills
An abysmal fall

A perched bird, wings burned
 Fervent yearn
Oblivious beloved

A dark night, mourning dove
Forlorn thought
My buoyant love

Two steps to love

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sugar and Spice (The way she is)

Rosebud laugh and a childlike heart
Oh yes, and visibly smart
Lips that sync with her flickering eyes
She’s the sugar and she’s the spice
She charms you with her grace
And wins you over with her wit
Test your patience, she does
But hopes you never quit

Only sings when you look away
Loves when in your arms she sways
Mystery like the big blue sea
She showed me the crazy me
She’ll cast her spell
And you wouldn’t even know
Test your patience, she does
Makes you fall so slow

So, I tell her..

Unlock your door
And let me step inside
Skip your weary mind
Just let the heart decide
She breaks hearts with her silence
And mends them with her smile
Test your patience, she does
But makes it all worthwhile

Unlock your heart


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