Thursday, September 30, 2010



You know, maybe you don’t know

Maybe you do, no, you can't know

How much I think about you

And how you make me feel

How hard I really try

How moments with you I try and steal

Please hear the beats of my heart

Inside my mind, while I try and hide

Beating for you, too hard to miss

Skipping a beat, as your eyes meet my sight

Looking at you the earth stops spinning

While my entire inner self turns

My body seems to be paralysed

While a touch of yours is all it yearn

In the sleep of mine, I dream of you

In the dreams of mine, the picture is you

In the words of mine, the thought is you

None of my rhymes have ever been so true

You know, maybe you don’t

No, you can't know, I hope you do


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