Thursday, November 4, 2010

“a forever”

“a forever”

Your love is more precious than mine

Baby you mustn’t know, I don’t have much time

Even though I wish a forever with you

You must go find another love which is true

You remember all the songs I wrote for you

And all the promises that I made

I can’t be faithful and sing them all

As with time, away I fade

Think of it all as a big lie

Time to go, without bidding goodbye

Like the clouds disappear, after the rain

I’m leaving you forever, won’t be back again

Your love is more precious than mine

Now you know, I dint have much time

How I wished a forever with you

Fulfil my last wish, find a love which is true


  1. bhai... ab toh the great shobhit depression band kar!!...
    written great.. special the second stanza!

  2. =)
    thanks a lot..

    achchi wali bhi to likhi hain.. wo padh :D



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