Thursday, March 25, 2010


There is a funny thing. We all love success and enjoy it the most. We love the thought of overcoming obstacles and proving to ourselves and to the world that “Yes! I can do it”. The mere thought of achieving great heights gets our adrenaline pumping and our hearts full of zeal. We foresee the happiness and the position we’ll give ourselves with such success.

It can be imagining ourselves as a successful businessman or envisioning ourselves clearing one of the toughest exams in India (we have plenty of options in this case). Haven’t we all had the thought of oneself winning the match off the last ball? Almost all of us guys at least have seen this as a dream. The women may see themselves as doing something that shows the whole world that they are as strong, if not stronger, as the men. They may see themselves in power, be it at home or in office, being successful in whatever they do.

Yet sometimes, the thought of the fear of losing overpowers our thought of winning. “What will happen if I lose?”

“There will be so many eyes watching me. So many people with so many expectations and they all see me fail. I can’t disappoint them. I cant do it. I’m out of the game.”

This thought has crept into our minds sometime or the other, even mine. So what do we do, move out of the game? The answer is ABSOLUTE NO! Only a weak and timid person would do that. Sure there will be too many eyes on you. But that means you have a chance of proving yourself to too many of them.

And it won’t even be the first time you fail or the last one.
We have failed many
times, although we don't remember. We fell down the first time we tried to walk. We almost drowned the first time we tried to swim. Don't worry about failure. Worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.


  1. this is the first blog of yours that i just read.and i fail to understand as to how can someone with no objective basis paint an unbiased picture of what successful women perceive of themselves. On a more generalized note,it is important to distinguish between treading material success as against following one's passion or bliss.While the desire to flourish is influenced by improved social status, financial power and affluence; motivation to follow one's dreams/bliss exudes from within. As the loci guiding the two varies, so should the strategy to keep going!

  2. The whole point of this post is not about the two different paths, or any related strategies. Neither is it about perception of women- (i added that part cz i dont think many women would imagine winning India a game, let alone of the last ball!)
    The whole point is not letting the fear of losing.. force you out of the game, even before you endeavour to do it! Whether you are chasing a bliss or material success. If you never try, you'll never know!

    Thanks for the feedback :)



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