Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moving Away..

Moving Away..

In the distance of passing ships

I see you

Moving too slow

But still passing away

The wind whispers your name

But it isn’t the same

In the noise of the waves

Just let me lose

Take me along

Or don’t be long gone

Let the lighthouse

Lead you home

Take my sins

And seize my soul

Or just give me

One more reason to hold

Or let me know I can’t embrace

That I can’t make you mine

On a canvas called eternity

With a brushstroke called time


  1. dude.... again... whats so depressing about MDI or MBA?

  2. going on an internship :P
    there is nothing depressing.. happy poems likhna mushkil hota hai.. these are easy!!

  3. Hmm...Gradually moving away from realizations of each day?

  4. doesn't this sound as one of the realizations?!



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