Sunday, March 25, 2012

A change of hearts

You and me
Under the big old tree
Gazed up the starry sky
Our spirits young and free

We saw the distant dreams
In each other’s eyes
Lying in each other’s arms
Throughout that night

“Ours will be a story to tell” you whispered
“Yes it will”
First few moments together
Yet, “for forever it seems”

You stole my heart
You held my time
Unlocked your heart
Yes, you became mine

Like a matchstick does
Our passion did burn
From a flash to fire
To ash forlorn

It was autumn I remember
When we went apart
Wasn’t our first
Change of hearts

We buried our love
Under the big old tree
For our love, our passion
Were young, were free

Obscured our dreams
When the misery came our way
But for all you know, a distant thought
Is just a heart-change away


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