Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Soothing arm

What do you do when you see a heart and feel just hollowness
See a whole life succumb to emptiness
See someone lose entire happiness, feeling just loneliness

What do you do when he feels absolute meaningless
Suffering a touch which is just feelingless
Do you see the painfulness the helplessness

You do see the limbless the listless the loveless
The childless the roofless the nameless the lifeless
Living every moment sleepless in the lightless wildness

Bearing resentment in your eyes and just barrenness
Realizing all your life’s just purposeless
Do you see the worthlessness in your perfectness

What do you do when it all hits your consciousness
You realize what you’ve given to the world is nothingness
Do you ever give more when all you get is less

Give some time away from your thoughtlessness
Extend a soothing arm to the one in mess
                                                 How else will we bring the brightness to this darkness

Out of your business, gaze at the graveness
Answer the question asked in mere daftness
Do you choose to live in the blindness or the rightness

Extend a helping hand to the needy
You never know how much it means to them.



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