Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Starry sky, moonlit night

Lost in love, only slight

Holding her close was he

For it was the last kiss to be

“Can you not stay for me” she asked

Treacherously slow did the time pass

It was time for him to move away

How he wished that he could stay

Cold and confused he stood still

“I’ll come back”, for sure he will

But he was asked a question savage

“At my answer the world would disparage”

She tosses the coin high, says let it choose

He took a step towards her, to never let her lose

“I knew what I wanted, when the coin flew up

For you my love anything I’d give up”

“But I want you to go, come back for me

I was a little poignant, a girl you see

And when you come, you must never leave

Oh! The beautiful eve, I can conceive”

With tears in their eyes, he had to go

Never did he know, she loved him so

Wanting to stay, stay always was he

But it was one last kiss to be

"The last kiss to be"


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