Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Off The Edge

Life Off The Edge

Sitting on my bed with the head down

Life's so poignant, forever I've frowned

Blade in the right, a fisted left

Mind's just curious to witness death

Blood feels heavy, veins feel hard

It was me who called for a no holds barred

The heart is pounding, the mind just choked

In dread of pain, my eyes stiff closed

The time has come for the blade to meet

the hand, as now I clinch my feet

and feel a prick with the slice of the edge

on the skin, the tissues, the veins then bled

A thousand horses racing in my head

as the fear strikes seeing the blood shed

"How can I do this, how can it be?

I won’t run from this life so cowardly"

As I stand and rise, move to the door

Fall face down, smack on the floor

Limbs don’t move, the gasp now halts

Was it the world, were it all my faults?


  1. dude.... why are posts getting creepier by the minute!?

  2. lol.. no reason.. blame it on classes and boredom!!

  3. u need some 'Sweet Sweet'. 'Blade in the right, a fisted left' lovedddddd

  4. "Sweet sweet" will do great, like right now!
    And thank you :)



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