Friday, August 13, 2010

Rainy Day

Rainy day

Dark & murky rainy day

Burdened from the clouds dark grey

Its gloomy, I like this way

Rain! Don’t go away

For a little more time

Could you please stay

Hasty breeze made trees sway

And teardrops fell from the sky

As if mourning the story which

Was about You and I

Mind wasn’t here to feel the icy chill

On an abandoned cloud I stood still

Feeling each drop of the oozing rain

And letting it wash away all my pain

It was lightening bright; strong and fierce

Rain fell heavy to camouflage my tears

From both my eyes did they drain

You stood by, witness me melt into this rain

The clouds are flying away

And so will I

Like the rain did

Leave with no goodbye

So you forget the time

When cried the sky

Mourning about the story

Of You and I


  1. Pathetic :P .... Areee nhn bahi faadu hain ... felt as if i was drenched :D

  2. @ abhinav.. huhh..
    @ sammy.. :) :( :)



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