Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gray Haze

Warm gray haze, smoke in my lungs
A funny little feeling, slowly it sunk
I smile a bit, for no real reason
I’m at peace, life’s at ease and
I take another puff, get real high
No care for the world, aim the sky, no more shy

As the hands, the feet, the face get numb
Slowly it sets in, I’m being so dumb
Gotta stop drugs, I have to quit
Every time I do them, I feel like shit
Time to go clean, live a little sober
Am getting a life now, the dream world is over

I tried so hard, was clean for a few days
Till on the streets, I smelled the gray haze
“Just one” I think, “I’ll slowly stop”
It gets me high and I feel on top
It makes me worse, yet I feel so good
I love this feeling though quit I should
Get numb, feel dumb, stop I would
Gotta quit, feel shit, I wish I could.


  1. gud stuff bt wat made u write dis ?

  2. @ anonymous.. thanks...
    @sams.. thinking about what goes in mind of different people..
    the same reason i wrote abt serial killer :P
    its not me dont worry :D

  3. Crazy Lines bro!
    I never thought non smoker can write so brilliant abt SmoKe!!
    Superb!! :)

  4. :D
    I've written about suicides and serial killing as well.. :D hope you get the idea ;)

    And thanks :)

  5. Just one I think.. If you don't do weed/drugs, awesome thoughts..



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