Friday, February 19, 2010

A visit to the doctor!

A sick person like me does 1 thing pretty often, "pay" a visit to the doctor. There are always some moments that you would remember visiting a doctor. Some pretty nurses or some not so pretty sights of a woman fainting and falling right in front of you or a man bleeding buckets with 10 broken bones or even children screaming their lungs out fearing the doctor (children having lung problems as well).

While I was sitting and waiting for my "coupon no." to be called, a lady walked into the clinic with a young child of about 5-6 years. She sat the kid down, who looked a little sick, and approached the reception.

"Is the doctor in?" asked the lady covering her head with her worn-out silk saree.
"Name?" asked the man at the reception looking at the register.
"Its not in the list, is the doctor in?" the lady said as the boy walked to her, may be feeling a little more comfortable near her.
The man nodded and asked if the little kid was the patient.
"How much does this doctor charge?" asked the lady after again sitting the boy on the comfortable green leather couch.
The lady murmured the rupee figure to herself adjusting the saree on her head.

"Should I write the name?" sharply asked the man.
"How long will it take?" the lady asked almost looking worried.
"You can see him at 8:15" replied the man.

The lady looked at the watch realizing she would have to wait more than 90 minutes for her appointment.
"Or you can come tomorrow morning at 10:30. I will give you the second coupon no. on the list" said the man.
"Gaurav. Write the name for 8pm today" said the lady after giving it a little thought.
The lady sat herself next to Gaurav-her son and combed his falling hair with her gentle fingers and tied his shoe laces.
Thats what mothers do. They put their kids before themselves and anything else. The money was definitely a lot for her, but she dint even show it a wee bit to her son. The son looked at her almost sadly, suggesting as if he knows 250 is a lot of money for her to spend when suddenly a phone rang in the otherwise quite waiting room.

A man dressed in a formal black suit with long boots walked into the waiting room holding his phone at his ear, the chained gold bracelet and astrological stone rings shining in his hand.

"I need to see the doctor" said the man after ordering someone on the phone to get the work done asap.
"You need to wait till 8:15" said the receptionist.
"I have only a small thing to ask. Also a meeting in an hour. Any way I can get in early?" inquired the man leaning towards the man after giving the time a thought, in a husky voice. "Does the doctor not see emergency patients?" asked the man looking at the time on his shiny watch.
"Yes, but that costs 500" said the man at the counter in a toned down voice.
"Take it" said the man as he handed out a 500 rupee note from his pocket. "So I am going in next?"
"Yes Sir. What name should I note down?" were the last words I heard as I walked out of the waiting room with some realizations.

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