Sunday, July 4, 2010



Faith in talent, faith in divinity

Faith in efforts, or in destiny

In the support and wishes of our friends

Our love, our parents, in our own very self

All of us have faith

In one thing or other

Something that gives us hope

And the will to prosper

But in our endeavours we often find

Life is a stochastic procedure

Often the probability is not so kind

‘Cause with hope and faith, also comes pressure

Also comes the fright of competition

Trepidation of love, fear of obligation

Some put up a fight, blossom and bloom

Some bite the dust as they doom

Lose one thing that gives us hope

Can’t put a fight, just can’t cope

We end in misery and lose out heart

In CRISIS OF FAITH, we fall apart

When we fall aghast with several failures

Remember, calm seas don’t make skilful sailors

And there will be shine on our face

Something to believe in, which gives us faith

Our parents, friends, love or foe

Just don’t let that person go

Ask yourself this, as past you reminisce

And when you think you can’t improve

When your own self, you disapprove

Is it more about where you stand?

Or about what direction you move?

It’s not a preach that I’m copping

But take on the battle, without stopping

Consider a battle or life of wraith

Know the healer is time, but the catalyst is faith


  1. it is the thing the keeps life going ..
    our strength to survive
    optimism of betterment

    It is the soul fuel to keep our motors runnig



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