Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Life's About

What gives me happiness
What makes me cry
How can I give up
What makes me try

What makes me love
Why do I hate
What made me act
Why did I wait

What makes me ponder
What I am to you
What do I want
Why do I have no clue

A thousand questions
Are left unanswered
When I’ll find them
Often I’ve wondered

Where they are
Even I don’t know
But I have to find them
Of that I’m sure

The more I look
To find answers concealed
There is less about life
To me revealed

And just about when
Life I conclude
It changes the question
The answers.. still elude


  1. The answers will continue to elude us. Life wont be the same if we find all the answers. It will lose its charm.

  2. Life never is the same :)
    May be thats why the answers elude us!

  3. Life is always d same..its us who keeps changing..n our perception 2 see thru it

  4. I believe that every one of us, has a great question; "what is life all about?". With some other variants like:

    * what is the purpose of life?
    * Why we are here?
    * what makes one happy?
    * And others that Shobhit used in this post!

    I have thousands of views on these questions, gained from many great minds of this world. But one thing that emerges out of them is:

    "Life is all about learning"

    I have my own thought for life:



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