Thursday, July 1, 2010

Having fun

This is the story of a time

When you could just say a rhyme

Look so cute and sound so fun

Never worry of life, in the long run

Dressed as jokers, acted like clowns

Smiled always, never we frowned

Watched the sun rise, and it set

And rise again, we did not rest

Walked in the rain, splashed ourselves

Dreamt of fairies, banshees and elves

Get up soon and go to work

Getting bored, you just lurk

Curse this life ‘It just sucks’

All for some dimes and bucks

Work for life and all it can cater

Oh wait! This is 20 years later

20 years back I just not knew

How life went, how time flew

I was happy, was care free

Dint heed how life would be

Now when asked, I just pun

It’s all great, I’m having fun



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