Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where To..

Where To..
It’s not so much where we are
But in what direction we are moving
Is this the friendship that we were saying
We’ll have when we grow up
Lost in the race rapt in gallop
Not only me not only you
The rendezvous have only been few
The laughs we shared the moments of care
Gone are the days of truths and dares
Now we just reminisce in this empty space
We judge amiss turn dark debase
It’s not about you it’s not about me
It’s the trust that I cannot now see
You were the best and you still are
For how long, just tell me how far
Tell me now, tell me true
It’s not about old, it’s not about the new
It’s about friendship that we viewed
As forever or always whateva’ came last
And we said “till death do us part”
If this is the time that I die
If there is no time for a late goodbye
If this is the last rhyme that we are sharing
Tell me in what direction are we moving

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