Wednesday, January 12, 2011



It was once told to me
You are going to save this world on your own
And make the whole world yours
When you are grown, make yourself known

I was told once
You don’t know who you are
In the eyes of God
You are a shining star

You told me once
I’m doing it all for you
When I can do it all for me
Pull off and get through

Many a times I’ve been told
The difference between right and wrong
When it’s people telling me
Wrong is what they could not be along

Hell, I’ve been told a lot
The dos and don’ts
Don’t you see what you say
Is exactly what I condone

Now it’s my simple appeal
Shut up! I don’t need you telling me
Who I am, what I can be
God and mortals right and wrong how I see

Let me learn my life by my own
With every falling night, every new dawn
Don’t worry for me failing, for me getting hurt
It’s better to fall in dirt, than hear you blurt

I don’t want to rise from the ashes
I want to fly as them
And if and when I fall
On my own, I want to start the crawl again


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