Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to Me

Open my eyes I see the dream was gone
Wondering what went wrong
You would know, you could see
Why could I never believe
‘cause here we lay, lay asleep
But the moment I woke, I could see
I’d have to bring you,
Back to me

I’d write down a million rhymes
Sing them another million times
Till my set sun shines
If they could bring you
Back to me

So I do my best, being around
While you act, like a princess crowned
You could see, why I’d never leave
Saw too much love, inside of me?
But the moment the heart broke
I could see, clearly
I could never bring you
Back to me

So I call back all the birds
Flying to the places unheard
Singing along, these imploring words
I wrote to bring you
Back to me

So I stay away, never around
Wrong was I, yeah all along
Now you know? Now you could see?
How in us, you say “believe”
When I could now see, in those eyes
That scream loud, they realize
You can never come back
Back to me

I gave my soul
Wandered all alone
Gave my dreams, and all my goals
But you never came
Back to me
Now you say “Come back”
“Back to me”
Stay away don’t come
Back to me
Back to me.

Back to Me


  1. A little rusty, writing after a lot of time. Tell me to improve if you dont like.. :)
    with kind words :D

  2. loved it buddy... :)

  3. well i really liked the way it flows easily, not a tough read and that in my book means its great!!! liked a lot :)

  4. Divi.. the kinda things you read.. its plain and simple :D



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