Saturday, June 26, 2010

Social Killer

Social Killer
Life’s so poignant, so pretentious
I’ve lost everything for me that was precious
I’ve been stung still bearing the sourness
I hate what god has put upon us
Now I just cannot lie low
Will surge with time as the time just flows

I’ll go out and have some fun
So I pick my knife and I pick my gun
Tonight I go and find my prey
A striving soul with life dark grey
And to free them from suffering and strife
I slice them with my sharp edged knife

They may scream, they may fear
But I calm them down, say “My dear”
“I’ve seen the struggle and the pain
You be so good but all ends in stain
Life’s no spring, but season of blood rain
Its worthless, nothing you can gain”

“I’m here to help you out
So don’t scream, dear don’t shout
Look at the sky and the angel up there
Coming down, just little more to bear
Soon you’ll be happy, soon you’ll be free
I’m god’s will to end all your misery”

And in my arms as they die
I kiss their forehead, bid them goodbye
And on the ground as the cadaver lay
I hold their hand, for them pray
“No more will you be forsaken
You’ll be an angel in god’s own heaven”

I pick up my knife, go back home
Still lonely still all alone
I’m no angel with the shining light
I’m just a source to answer their plight
So I sleep and rest, ‘cause life’s not fair
Tomorrow I find more and take their care.


  1. wow... very good...
    u write so well...
    liked it a lot...

  2. I can definitely understand the source of such a violent streak...but still i would like to appreciate the mix of emotions of all your pen-downs..guess the next one has to be comic :)

  3. gud idea :D
    forgot that emotion..



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