Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Petal fall

Petal fall

It was to be an ordinary night

Dinner at nine and a glass of wine

A walk under the silver moon light

Chuckles and smiles as we passed our time

But you looked so beautiful when you talked

Always that is, ‘cause you never stopped

And they played the music ever so loud

As you sat so close to hear me shout

What I spoke, even I could not hear

And just like you, even I didn’t care

I came little closer, felt you breathe

Emotions filled, then just dint leave

Dancing were the beats of my heart

I knew it was some kinda start

I closed my eyes as the passions flowed

Memories we made as the good times rolled

Your skin so soft, your touch so warm

Mind just witnessed a fervent storm

As I felt your lips right against mine

Was it in the spur, or was it a sign

Of the feelings held back, for so long

Was it wrong, or did we belong?

Times so beautiful, as I recall

Seeing it as a flower whose petals fall

But they leave behind a fragrance, I know

Which does not die, it can just grow

It stays there, forever, right through

Fragrance so sweet, fragrance so true

And even if we bid adieu

It’ll stay with me, the fragrance is you!


  1. you are getting better by the day baby... m waiting for the one on 20th ;)... also we need to talk bout the person you have written this for ;)
    !!love it!!

  2. real romantic stuff....
    gr8 flow of feelings with the poetry....

  3. @srish.. thanks dear! and 20th of which month?!? :P
    and.. we could talk.. may be not :D

  4. You just took the heart away sparky :P

  5. :P good intentions are often met



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