Friday, June 4, 2010



Bound are the hands
Chained are the minds
Eyes forced closed
And it’s dark inside
The legs don’t move
The lips are zipped
Wings of the soul
So brutally clipped
The senses falter
Nothing you can hear
All you touch is cold
It’s impossible to bear
You cannot now hold
The sands of time
Slipping through the fingers
In this abysmal rhyme
You look around
For a ray of light
An angel soul
To answer your plight
You find no one
To hear you pry
Hard as you can
Now you try
As the dark abyss
Pulls you down
You splash in water
But still don’t drown
You gasp for air
As senses come alive
You choke, not die
Continue to thrive
Your eyes open
As you scream
Only to find
It was nothing ….. But a dream


  1. exceptionally brutal dream ..I did be dead of the horror itself
    well scribbled though ! :)

  2. thanks :)
    for not being dead!

  3. Liked how you were able to rhyme with each line having roughly 4-5 words..



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