Monday, January 9, 2012

Buoyant love

Buoyant love
A shining light, glittering hope
Benevolent touch
Healing my turbulent soul

Bridge kaput, two steps to love
I take one
In the torrent rest falls

A foggy night, a distant ship
Lonely at the shore
In the waves a face I see

A burning rage, an amorous heart
Bitter pills
An abysmal fall

A perched bird, wings burned
 Fervent yearn
Oblivious beloved

A dark night, mourning dove
Forlorn thought
My buoyant love

Two steps to love


  1. Hey...nice words, as always...but the pic caught hold of my eyes for too long...wherever you found it from...definitely a nice pick :)

  2. Thank you. Pic-> stolen and edited =)



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